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Our community is marking a major milestone in 2024.  It will be celebrating its Centennial Anniversary!

To all of our St. Nicholas Friends and Family (past and present),

Xristos Anesti! Christ has risen! There are many events under way for this year’s big celebration and one of them is compiling a year book of pictures, articles, and other historical facts for a Memory Book that will celebrate the past 100 years of our church and community.

I am reaching out to all of you for assistance on gathering material to be added to this commemorative book. Please forward any articles, pictures, special events, etc., that you would like to see included and forward this request to anyone you know may have items to share. I have set up a link that allows for material to be easily forwarded directly to the committee. Anything that you may have in .jpg or .pdf format can be sent from your files to the Yearbook files using the link below:

From this link, you will find a drop-down menu of folders for every decade from the 1920’s to the 2020’s. Please add your material to the corresponding folder to keep things as organized as possible for the committee. There is also a “Misc” (miscellaneous) folder if you are unsure of the year of the material you are adding.

We are looking forward to putting together a collection of our history, our traditions, and our community through the years that will do our beautiful church justice.

The deadline for all material is September 30, 2024. Books will be available for sale by late October for $30.

Much thanks in advance for all your help,


Stavroula (Economidis) Koutsfetsoulis

Yearbook Chair

609.287.6824 or for any questions


Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church 100 Yr Ad Book

Celebrate a century of faith and community by placing an ad in our commemorative ad book for our 100-year church anniversary! Your generous donation will not only support our milestone celebration, but also help us continue to serve our congregation and community for years to come.

$200 - Family Name (up to 50 characters)                 $500 - 1/4 Page Ad - Specs 3.5" x 4.75"

$1,000 - 1/2 Page Ad - Specs 7.5" x 4.75"                  $2,000 - Full Page Ad - Specs 8.5" x 11" (must include a 1/8" bleed) 

Acceptable Ad Formats: High Resolution PDF                      Please email your ad to:

DEADLINE FOR AD SUBMISSION IS OCTOBER 1, 2024             Thank you for your support and for being a part of our church's history!

Please check our face book page for all our latest news.

Thank you and we hope that you plan to come and worship with us.